Mig Health Apps project ends its first year

Mig-Health Apps project ends its first year with major milestones for migrants’ health

The Mig-Health Apps Project, which aims to promote the use of Health Apps among migrants, has already completed its first twelve months. Thanks to the efforts and involvement of the entire consortium, some important milestones have already been reached.

The experiential methodology has been designed with the participation of the end users (migrants and people working directly with them). A total of 39 migrants and 36 professionals from different sectors acting as support to migrants participated in these co-design sessions. As a result of the sessions, specifications were identified that have guided the development of the experiential methodology that serves as the methodological basis for the development of the training materials. In addition, in this first year of the project, the development of a set of training resources for migrants and a trainer’s guide to enhance the adoption of Health Apps by migrants has started.

The following content areas or training topics are being included in the training resources:

  1. Self-management and empowerment; How to empower myself and self-manage my health status; Key health areas to take care of.
  2. What are Health Apps? Health apps: benefits, application, barriers and facilitators.
  3. Health Apps for Migrants; Structured collection of Health Apps, divided into the main areas of health care affecting Migrants, including;
    • Prevention and diagnosis
    • Health status monitoring and tracking
    • Healthier lifestyles
    • Communication with health professionals or carers
    • Specific health areas: Nutrition; Pregnancy; Mental health, newborn care.

The next steps of the project will consist of finalising the training materials, validating them with the end users in all the countries of the consortium and finalising the development of the E-learning platform and the APP containing all the contents and materials of the training package that will be finalised in the coming months. After the validation of the contents, multiplier events will be held to publicise the Mig-Health Apps training programme.