About the Project

The aim of our project is to increase the competences of Migrants for using Health Apps. According to that, the project has the following general objectives:

  • To develop an Experiential Training Methodology for increasing the awareness and competences of Migrants for using Health Apps, based in a “learning by doing” approach, where they will be involved in self-management situations and will use real Health Apps and applied them to their own personal conditions, in order to get familiar with these processes and technologies in a friendly and supported environment.

  • To develop a set of Training Resources for enhancing the adoption of Health Apps by Migrants through the implementation of the experiential training methodology adapted to the learning processes and interests of Migrants.

  • To develop an e-Training Platform supported by and App Training Tool, for supporting the implementation of the experiential training methodology, including the access to the training resources and automatized search of applicable existing Health Apps.

  • To implement pilot training actions for validating the quality of the training program and its capacity for increasing the competences of Migrants regarding the use of Health Apps for improving their health self-management.

  • To increase the awareness of the related stakeholders at national and EU level on the potential of using Health Apps for improving the health self-management of Migrants and commitment with the future exploitation of the training program.

Target Group

The target groups and stakeholders include:

  • Newcomer Migrants: Migrant persons recently arrived in an EU country.

  • Migrants Peers: Migrants already established and integrated in the country that could support newcomer migrants in their local communities, often belonging to local associations and persons supporting Migrants.

  • Supports of Migrants: being mainly professionals working in social services and/or non-for-profit organizations.